New all-boys school opens at Charlotte High School
By: Lynette Adams |

9/2/11 - It's no secret the Rochester City School District has struggled for years with low graduation rates, especially when it comes to boys. This year, the district is trying a new approach. It has launched the Leadership Academy for Young Men.

It's a new school year for Rochester's 30,000 students, but for some boys, it's not only a new school year, they're part of a new school concept. They are the inaugural class of the Leadership Academy for Young Men at Charlotte High School.

The whole idea: teach boys the way they learn, mentor them and get rid of a big distraction: girls.

"I am surprised at some of these girls and how they talk to him and how they come at him at 14 and I'm like 'Oh no, not happening,'" said Marta Medina, parent.

Medina loves the idea. Her son is one of the 90 boys in the new program.

"He needs to be able to go to school and not worry about a thing, but going to school-that is what this program is about," said Medina.

Devante Hagins agrees with his mom. He wants to get good grades that will get him into college.

"I think it's going to be easier here because the teachers are great, real good teachers," said Hagins. "They make learning easier; they put it in a way that we can learn."

Principal Wakili Moore says the district's first goal: to graduate every student in this program, but he's aiming for more.

"We want to hopefully instill in them the pillars that we're trying to get across, which is loyalty, courage, being courtesy, and accountability; those are our different prides that we're trying to instill in them, so along with the academic piece we want them to have that character as well," said Moore.

Moore tells News 10NBC that there is still room in the new program for students. If you would like to find out more, you can call Wakili Moore at 324-7760.

The Leadership Academy for Young Men is located on the third floor at Charlotte High School. Charlotte High School is on the first and second floors and there is no interaction between the two schools during the day.