School Choice Expo Offers New Options for Parents
Reported by: Norma Holland

9/2/11 - Rochester, N.Y. - Students across Rochester went back to class Friday.

One new school within a school opened for the first time.

The Leadership Academy for Young Men is located at Charlotte High School.

A group of 88 ninth graders make up the first class.

Principal Wakili Moore greeted his new students with a handshake this morning.

"It may be a little bit overwhelming, but that's what we need to do is raise expectations, but that's what every school is doing across the district, we're not the only ones."

The boys who go to the leadership academy use a separate entrance and have classes on their own floor.

Each day will start with a group gathering where students will get a pep talk.

"We're struggling with our graduation rate and we just want to set our boys up for success, build relationships with the young men, build a brotherhood, and have our teachers teach specifically to our needs," Moore said.

College banners line the walls along with photos of inspirational leaders to encourage students to set their goals high.

"You should come here, it's a good school because it makes it easy to learn; there are no distractions," Leadership Academy student Devante Hagins said.

Principal Moore already told parents to save an important date on their calendars, graduation day 2015.