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Experiential Learning Approach

"A dress code sets the tone of a business like approach and gives them a different mindset while preparing them for job and college interviews. This will eliminate clothing competition and students will also feel apart of the team with a dress code," "The dress code will be accepted and supported if everyone has input rather than being told what the dress code is."- Mr. Wakili Moore

The students will need to wear tan khaki pants only (no camouflage), and a solid white, light blue or navy blue colored button-down dress shirt. Students are permitted to wear a solid dark blue sweater during the winter months. Hoodies, zip-up jackets, polos, and fleece coats are not permitted.

All apparel should be clean and properly fitted, without sagging. Shirts should be tucked in and belts should be worn, if necessary. Hats and other head gear will not be permitted in the building.

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