5 Prides
Experiential Learning Approach

Leadership Academy for Young Men offers students a unique curriculum designed to target the needs of young men. Students will be taking a full coarse load of 7.0 credits; enrolled in the core classes of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additionally, Arts & Music are included in the fine arts course offerings and the JROTC program will offer a leadership and life skill training program which is found in very few other school districts. Wednesdays will be extended with a 9th period for additional academic support for students. All students will need to take two foreign languages offered (French & Spanish). This will put them on solid ground to meet their graduation requirements in four years.

A few simple rules for students to abide by:

  • Students are expected to arrive to school and class ON TIME, EVERY DAY.
  • Absences can reported to main office first thing in the morning. Students are responsible for making up work from sick days or doctor's appointments.
  • Students should be prepared for classes with the necessary materials for learning.
  • Students should stay in areas designated for Leadership Academy students.
  • Homework should be completed each night and students should prepare for exams by studying and seeking extra help.
  • Electronics are not permitted on campus. Access to technology will be provided under supervision in the classrooms or library.
  • Tardiness, foul language, destruction of property, play fighting, and disrespect to others will not be tolerated.

Students who fail to abide by the Code of Conduct set forth in the Student Handbook will face disciplinary action.