The Leadership Academy for Young Men is an all-male high school that focuses on teaching young men the importance of discipline, respect and education. This single-gender setting allows for minimal distractions on their journey to building character and learning leadership. They have based their teachings off of the five prides: Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability and Courage. The students are expected to learn and possess these qualities throughout their time at LAFYM. These prides provide a base expectation for the young men and how they should act and present themselves.

These particular young men have come to this school to experience an education and lifestyle that will help them mature and develop into confident, respectful adults filled with integrity. At the Leadership Academy for Young Men, the students are held to a higher standard and will learn the importance of education. Please help us by DONATING TODAY!

Our students at The Leadership Academy for Young Men wear uniforms daily to remind them of the importance of discipline, respect and education. Uniforms allow for growth without the distractions of clothing competitions, and by creating a team-like atmosphere. In sponsoring these students, you will help maintain the business-like setting that promotes a standard of behavior and gives them a different mindset while preparing for job and college interviews.

Price: $5,000

Need: $15,000

Experiential learning is a part of the curriculum that separates The Leadership Academy for Young Men from other public schools. One of the ways our school uses this learning style is by giving the students an opportunity to attend a class trip to New York City. This class trips is the highlight of the school year for most students; students learn about the world and how to interact with others when outside of the sheltered environment of the classroom. This gives the students an opportunity to learn to connect with people—their classmates, teachers and those they meet while traveling. Your support will make a lasting impression on these students.

Price: $4,000

Need: $16,000

Our students prove that The Leadership Academy for Young Men is a beneficial program for those dedicated to growth and success. We strive to go beyond the norms of public school education by providing an environment that teaches these young men respect, integrity, loyalty, accountably and courage. With your support we can spread the word to give more young men the chance to succeed.

Price: $3,000

Need: $6,000

A strong sense of community is what we strive for at The Leadership Academy for Young Men and our special events throughout the year are essential to creating a full experience for these students. These events help students value who they are and where they want to go in life. They consist of a Thanksgiving dinner, Black History Month Celebration, parent/student orientation, mentor breakfast, JROTC competitions and more. Become a part of our community and help support the students of the Academy.

Price: $2,500

Need: $5,000

Statistics show that over one's lifetime a college degree will improve one's earning potential and quality of life by more than twice that of high school graduates. By sponsoring our College Visits program, you will be providing our students with the opportunity to broaden their scope of choices through exposure to new environments and experiences. Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions an 18-year-old will make. With your help, our students can gather as much helpful information as possible and find that perfect fit.

Price: $600

Need: $3,000